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Production Scheduler  (44273-6 )

Job Summary
Bilingual Vietnamese and English is a Plus!
Productions Schedulers create and maintain production schedules in order to ensure that all company goals are achieved and that deadlines are met. By developing effective schedules, candidates can expect to play a major role in helping their company reach its objectives.
Productions Schedulers must have a strong understanding of the production process and be able to generate and maintain effective daily and weekly schedules. They post schedules, solve production problems, seek to improve processes, and help fulfill company expectations.
Production Schedulers use their knowledge of the production process and reports to create daily and weekly production schedules. They must also be able to comprehend reports and make recommendations about where improvements might be made By effectively scheduling employees, Production Schedulers help ensure that company objectives are achieved and that all deadlines are met. They must be able to multitask and provide quick responses to production problems. As issues may be unforeseen, Production Schedulers must know how to shift resources and ensure that employees and materials most effectively.
As generating reports and schedules may require the use of software, Production Schedulers must have an aptitude for computers.
Production Scheduler Responsibilities:
Create and maintain schedules through excel based system, Microsoft access and fishbowl. use inventory for supply and ingredients.
work with department managers, team, works, with order desk, purchaser and QCQA calculate cost of production, sales, pcs, weight with excel and prepare quarterly power point presentation.
Check the actual produced to see any discrepancy addition or subtraction to schedule.
Use workers and resources in the most effective manner.
Provide quick responses to production issues.
Identify problems and help improve processes.
Use software to generate reports and schedules.
Ensure that company deadlines are met.
Production Schedule Requirements:
Associate's degree in management, Bachelor's may be preferred.
Experience in production.
Ability to handle and prioritize multiple tasks.
Proficiency with computers.
Ability to create and understand reports in order to make production decisions.
A desire to promote the success of the organization and production staff.
able to handle high pace and stressfull environment.
well manners, honest and proactiveness.
present any Kaizen ideas for improvements.
fast data entry.
time management
Mathematics - production schedulers should have strong math skills and be able to make precise calculations about material and staffing needs, production expectations, and manufacturing capabilities Planning and organization - this role requires excellent planning and organizational skills, as well as the ability to apply the principles of manufacturing resource planning to daily operations Team coordination - the production scheduler makes key decisions to balance personnel scheduling with inventory availability and delivery dates, so they need a talent for effectively coordinating team activities Process enhancement experience - production schedulers constantly seek to improve manufacturing processes and enhance efficiency, so some experience with process enhancement is helpful Problem-solving skills - this role frequently requires problem-solving skills, as production schedulers need to adapt schedules in response to material shortages, equipment failures, or changes in customer orders Communication skills - because the production scheduler works with manufacturing teams as well as administrative personnel and managers, they need strong written and verbal communication skill

詳細情報Job Detail

Job Category Manufacturing
Position Production Scheduler
Job Order # 44273-6
Salary Up to 54k / Yr
Working Location San Jose
Hours 8:30-5:00
Days M - F
Bonus TBA
Parking Yes
Medical Yes
Dental Yes
Holiday Yes
Sick Leave Yes
Vision Yes
401K TBA
Profit Sharing TBA
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